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Paolo PellegrinInside the smuggling tunnels area in Rafah. Gaza, Palestine 2012

UN report:

Recent assessments have shown that 57 per cent of people in Gaza do not have money to buy sufficient food and 80 per cent of families receive some form of international aid.

“The economy is effectively kept alive through public expenditure, international aid and the illegal tunnel trade, in which thousands of workers, some of them children, continue to risk their lives every day,” stated the news release.

It went on to note that long-term restrictions on access to as much as 35 per cent of Gaza’s agricultural land and currently more than two-thirds of its fishing areas have resulted in estimated annual economic losses of over $76 million.

Also, the continued ban on the transfer of produce and other goods from Gaza to its traditional markets in the West Bank and Israel has effectively prevented sustainable economic growth; less than one truckload of goods per day (on average) exited Gaza in the first half of 2013, compared to 38 during the first half of 2007 before the imposition of the closure.

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