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Filipe Branquinho: Occupations

This set of pictures was held in Mozambican cities, in order to capture its spirit through architecture, landscape and its occupants. The focus of this work is a particular social group that represents a majority and that is present throughout the urban fabric: in large cities, in the suburbs, the coastal zone, in gated communities, etc.. Each photograph is unique and wants to dignify the portrayed in the exercise of their occupation and how it communicates with the space it occupies. It is in this set of pictures that cities are elucidated in the light that surrounds them, in the color palette and in the history of people who live there.

"Mozambican photojournalists went through many different episodes of the local history. In a very short period of time they saw colonialism, the Independence (in 1975), post-colonialism, socialism, communism, civil war, democracy and today’s dynamic capitalism. But, the main subject of their photos was always the people and injustice that they faced in their daily lives".

1. Student Employee

2. unknown

3. Packer

4. Carpenter

5. Gardener

6. Fireman

7. unknown

8. Building Supervisor

9. Barber

10. High School Security

11. Coach

12. Baker

13. Car Repair Shop Guard

14. Boxer

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