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Nick Cave just opened a new exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, giving me a good enough excuse to post his work, despite there being thousands of sites on his brilliant catalogue of work. The last four images are from his latest exhibit Soujorn.

Associate Curator of Contemporary Art at the DAM William Morrow explained that wearing one of Cave’s suits in turn creates a breakdown of human identity. The person instantly becomes gender-less, race-less and hidden inside. "Cave in his usual fashion breaks down barriers, preconceptions of beauty and takes us on a sensory journey of self-reflection and exploration," Morrow said. via huffington
Described as textiles-meet-modern dance, Cave’s colorful, larger-than-life sculptures have been displayed in museums and many of the Soundsuits have been worn by Cave and other professional dancers as part of performances. The Soundsuits consist of a wide variety of materials and are designed to make noise as the wearer moves.

Watch this excellent video to get an idea of the ‘sound suites’ in motion:

View video of the new show’s instillation here (unfortunately you can’t embed it in tumblr). 

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