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Sarah Sze: Representing the U.S. Pavilion at the 2013 Venice Biennale.

Called “Triple Point,” her exhibition is about “orientation and disorientation,” Ms. Sze said.

Ms. Sze is asking questions of her audience: “What objects in your life have value, and how is value created?” she explained. “I wanted to show objects that we know and have seen in our bag or on the shelf of a store which have the residue of emotion.” - nytimes

Her off kilter, highly personal installation uses leaves from the Giardini, local pebbles placed in careful shamanic piles, seashells, clamps, rubber bands, TV antennas, extension cords, Venetian photographs, tapes, delicate twig constellations. The exhibition evolved on site during a three month installation period.

The pavilion entrance is crowned with a sculptural web that features weightless rocks, which are also visible throughout the pavilion. Sze has created an intricate world within a world, one of precarious equilibrium and a highly personal poetry. Mirrored walls reflect a rainbow of images, a pile of the inflatable rocks, and classical vessels. Viewers journey through different environments, replete with a cornucopia of images and experiences. Sze has re-routed the Pavilion entrance, and the viewer encounters seemingly makeshift structures, scientific devices, and a framed view of a pastoral garden space. - artlyst

With her signature site-specific installations, Sze engages architecture and space in new ways, featuring an accumulation of everyday materials to create gravity-defying sculptural environments.

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